Our Focus Areas

System, Software & Hardware

System, Software & Hardware

In the intricate world of Embedded Engineering, the harmony between systems, software, and hardware is crucial. At Onward Tech, we excel in ensuring that every component is meticulously designed and integrated. Our expertise spans from sophisticated system engineering to the nuances of software architecture. With a deep understanding of domain-specific configurations and the latest in platform frameworks, we ensure that your systems are always primed for optimal performance.

  • System Engineering
  • System/Software Architecture and Design
  • Domain Feature Config
  • Classic Middleware
  • RTE
  • Appl SWC
  • Platform Framework
  • Code Generator & Configurator
  • Generic Flash-Bootloader


The efficiency of embedded engineering processes is significantly enhanced with the right tools. At Onward Tech, we specialize in the automation of build toolchains, leveraging cutting-edge technologies. Our proficiency ensures that your projects are built with precision, consistency, and an intuitive interface for complex tasks.

  • Automation of Build Toolchains
  • JavaScript
  • Python
  • Makescripts
  • GUI Based Tools
  • Automation Scripts
  • Automation Tools


Ensuring the highest standards of quality and reliability is paramount. Our comprehensive testing services are designed to rigorously evaluate and optimize every aspect of your products, platforms or systems. With Onward Tech, you can be confident in the resilience and performance is embedded features.

  • Software
  • Integration
  • Unit-Tests
  • Code Coverage
  • MIL
  • SIL
  • PIL
  • HIL
  • VIL


Embedded engineering is a complex domain that benefits from strategic guidance. Our consulting services offer insights and strategies tailored to your unique challenges. From process consulting to specialized guidance in functional safety and cybersecurity, our experts ensure that your systems are both innovative and compliant.

  • Process Consulting
  • ASPICE Adherence for V-Model
  • Agile System & SW Engineering
  • Offshore and Onsite Project Management
  • Functional Safety
  • IEC 61508
  • ISO 26262
  • Cybersecurity ISO/SAE 21434

Crafting Intelligent Experiences to Accelerate Your Smart Product Pipeline

At Onward Tech, we're not just about innovation; we're about making innovation impactful. Our state-of-the-art Quality Management Systems ensure that every solution we deliver meets the highest standards of excellence. With our Project Management Office taking end-to-end ownership, we guarantee seamless execution and timely delivery.

Our expertise ensures that you not only accelerate innovation across the devices-apps-services ecosystem but also create products that resonate with the end-users, ensuring a seamless blend of functionality and user experience.

With our agile approach and cost-effectiveness, we adapt swiftly to your needs. And while we have a global reach, our partnerships are tailored to give you the dedicated attention you deserve, ensuring every solution is a perfect fit for your market and industry.

Why Onward Tech

Domain Expertise

With our profound experience across ER&D domains, we guide you through the distinct challenges of sectors such as Transportation & Mobility, Industrials, and Healthcare & Medtech.

Customized Smart Experiences

Shape your products to align with distinct requirements, from specialized features to IoT integration, ensuring each solution resonates with your market's needs.

End-to-End Development

Experience a comprehensive approach that seamlessly bridges hardware-software co-design to system integration, upholding excellence at every juncture.

Firmware Development

At Onward Tech, we specialize in crafting efficient and dependable firmware solutions, ensuring harmonious communication between hardware and software components.

Quality Assurance and Testing

We undertake rigorous testing and validation measures to guarantee reliability, performance, and safety including functional testing, compatibility assessments, security evaluations, and more.

Regulatory Compliance

With Onward Tech by your side, you can be confident that your products adhere to the highest standards and meet all necessary compliance criteria.