CFD For Temperature Uniformity Study

Customer is an American provider of scientific instrumentation, reagents and consumables, and software and services to healthcare, life science, and other laboratories in academia, government, and industry.

Business Requirements / Challenges

To check temperature uniformity in the Ultra Low Temperature (ULT) unit and suggesting alternate design solutions to avoid leak paths.

Our Solution / Services

We analyzed steady-state heat transfer temperature uniformity inside the freezer in no-load and full load conditions. Following that we evaluated the temperature gradient and velocity distribution across the product and analyzed the results for possible leakage locations.

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The tool used: Star CCM+

Customer Benefits / Deliverables

Multiple proposal options with alternate design solutions were documented and provided to avoid leak paths and temperature uniformity.

Recommended ways of modularizing the design.

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Suggested evaporator coil location to get proper temperature uniformity.

Improved operational effectiveness and reliability.

Reduced cost/hr of running by 8%