Engineering CAD Data
Conversion For Lab Freezer

A leading multinational company that develops scientific products for various industries and laboratories. They were moving all their design drawings from AutoCAD to Solidworks. They required our expertise in this complex design migration work.

Business Requirements / Challenges

To provide engineering data conversion solutions from AutoCAD to SolidWorks for a Lab Freezer with about 1500 components, and three sizes and four variants.

To deliver 3D models, Manufacturing Diagrams, and BOM and implement the best manufacturing practices in use.

Our Solution / Services

Implemented the best manufacturing practices for product knowledge and ERP.

Updated existing drawings and BoM with physical parts on the shop floor.

Used SolidWorks automation for part properties and drawing title block information.

Tools used: AutoCAD, SolidWorks, and ProE

Customer Benefits / Deliverables

Uniform CAD data for better version control and standardization of customer’s value engineering products

No item was lost or missed from the original AutoCAD version.

Additional benefits derived by the customer in solution using CAE analysis that helped gain performance improvements.