Rail Transportation

In the Rail Transportation industry, engines and other components are typically very bulky, expensive, complex in structure. Here the commercial aspect of product cost management is very crucial. It makes it mandatory to have cost estimation ready before negotiations, as a small batch size production provides scope for lowering costs with suppliers.

Onward Technologies' team can support you in complete cost estimation management. Which includes a variety of manufacturing processes viz. Casting, forging, machining, sheet metal, fabrication, molding, etc. and our team has dedicated SME for each domain.

To keep pace with the dynamic nature of the industry, our team reviews tool databases periodically to arrive at appropriate rates. Where the cost estimation tools are not ideal, we can handle them with Derivative analysis too.


Engineering Services

With our Engineering Services, we thrive to deliver solutions that are sustainable, cost-effective, and efficient.

Supply chain management

Value engineering

Product redesign solutions


Design solutions

Kinematics and dynamic analysis

Embedded Systems:

Our data-intensive, smart solutions help your business in integrating new-age embedded technology for effective management.

Fleet Tracking

In-vehicle computing


Motion sensing and detection

Equipment monitoring

Surveillance solutions

Traffic management tools

Parking and ticketing solutions

Technology Services

AI, IoT, Big Data solutions, blockchain, Advance Analytics, etc are rapidly changing the structure of the transportation and logistics industry. Our IT Services help you understand the prospect of these technologies for your business and provide solutions that meet your needs.

Predictive solutions

Data evaluation

Information modeling