With rapid digitization, automation, and the development of energy-efficient equipment, the mining & construction industry is transforming at an unprecedented speed. In this environment, any service provider of the sector needs to stay one step ahead with innovations of the future.

Onward Technologies has been working in this industry for over a decade. In this period, we have successfully set up ODCs (Offshore Dedicated Centers) for Fortune 500 OEMs. Our experts specialize in turnkey projects and take ownership of every task for end-to-end support, based on the business requirements. Our portfolio includes excavators, generators, skid-steer loaders, loadall, backhoe loaders, scissor lift machines, articulated boom, compaction, and more.


Engineering Services

Onward Technologies covers all the expectations of engineering solutions for the mining equipment and construction machinery sector, starting from product design, testing, analysis, manufacturing to the publication of tech write-ups. For Engineering Services, our core work strength is in NPD (New Product Development) including mechanical, electrical, electronic parts, and software development.

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Mechanical Design: Design of  sheet metals, castings, welded assemblies, plastics, load/backhoe structures, CAB design (plastics & welded assembly,) ROPS structures, fuel tank assembly, design & packaging of the engine, transmission components, etc.

FEA (Finite Element Analysis): Thermo-mechanical fatigue, MLS gasket simulation, bolted joint study, G-load analysis, normal mode analysis and mode refinement study, ISO-load working at heights analysis, ISO load-walking load analysis, frequency response analysis, etc.

Electrical and Harnesses: D&D for harnesses and its routing, voltage calculations, design for cost and weight reductions, flattening/schematic drawings, design of components, and connectors.

Embedded Software Development: Systems engineering, development of bootloaders, body control modules, HUDs, connectivity, telematics, ADAS, infotainment, BMS, EMS with AUTOSAR, testing (MIL, SIL, HIL, PIL), etc.

VA/VE and Should Costing: Zero-based costing, cost sheets with the material, labor, mfg. costs, machine rates, preparation of BOMs, identify weight and cost reduction possibilities, etc.

Digital Transformation

The construction and mining equipment sector is adapting and transforming with the new-age technologies like Fleet Management System, Improved Equipment Utilization, Electrification, Autonomous Drive, Autonomous Operations, and Telematics. And with our expertise in embedded solutions, we are helping some of the leading companies in this sector help make this transformation.

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Machine Application Control (Engine, Powertrain, Hydraulics Control System)

Product Sustenance and Value-Added Engineering Services


Fleet Management System

Human-Machine Interface (HMI)

Technology Services

The construction and mining equipment sector is using IT more and more into their product lines to enhance productivity while minimizing the cost of energy. Our expertise in the integration of innovative technologies makes a hard life in this sector a lot easier, structured, smart, and efficient.

Automation in Engineering and IT process

Advanced Analytics

Big Data Solutions

Cloud Technologies